Sunday, July 15, 2012

When doing the right thing is the hard thing

Seems like I have had to do this a lot lately.  Sometimes I wonder if I'm just in a confrontational period of my life right now, but most of the time I know that what I'm doing is the thing that God wants me to do.  I hope the latter is correct.  Probably like most people, I feel justified in my belief that something is right or wrong.  I just pray that I am listening closely enough to what God wants from me in these situations.

The initial choice is usually the easy part for me.  Or at least it has been lately.  It's the AFTER.  The wondering, "was that right?  Did I come off as selfish or controlling or was I able to speak the truth in love?  Did God really say to do that or was that just my imagination, which is obviously controlled by my own motives?"

Tonight I had to do it again.  I felt in my gut that something wasn't right.  I prayed about it, asked for direction, felt like God's leading was obvious, and took action.  As usual, the other party wasn't happy.  But the title of this post is not "When doing the right thing is the AWESOME thing that everyone will adore you for."  This is hard.  It stinks.

I know that my choice was the best one for my child, but I still feel crappy about it.  I'm going to ride out this season of hard conversations and disappointed and angry people.  I'm going to hang on and try to see what God is teaching me through all this.  Diplomacy?  Obedience to him even when it sucks?  How to gracefully do the not-so-fun side of parenting and leadership?

One foot in front of the other.  Moving on.

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  1. Oh my friend, you have hit my heart with this today. I try to do the right thing, my mouth and mind are often so busy I often wonder how much I am not funneling God's love, even though it' my hearts desire. Prayers for us both, all we can do is pray, and move forward. Blessings girl.