Thursday, March 22, 2012


So over the past two weeks, we've had some crazy bugs going around this house. 

  • Natalie started things off with what looked like stomach flu - fever, hourly puking, and body aches.
  • Nathan and Nola were starting with cold symptoms which always ends up in sinus infections and ear infections.
  • Took everybody to the doctor on Friday (3/9) (and saw somebody else because Dr. Schuster is out because Michigan State is doing well in the NCAA tournament ... wha?!?) and heard the three words no parent with sick kids wants to hear: "It's just viral."
  • Decided to take them to the again on Tuesday (3/13).
  • Nathan had a sinus infection and bronchitis (ummm...duh?) which landed him prescriptions of augmentin, hydroxyzine, and albuterol nebulizer treatments.
  • Nola had an ear infection and beginnings of a sinus infection.  Amoxicillin and hydroxyzine for her. (again, duh.)
  • Didn't have Natalie checked at that point because I was sold on the viral diagnosis.
  • Natalie seemed to improve a little, so I sent her to her dad's for the weekend.
  • He called and said she had a fever of 102.4 Sunday night.
  • Meanwhile, the other two were not getting better.
  • Nola spiked a 102.8 fever Sunday night too.
  • Nathan's fever came back that night too, but it wasn't as high - 101, I think.
  • Got Natalie back on Monday (3/19) morning and spent all day trying to manage fevers.
  • Kids continued to show no improvement on all the medicine, and Natalie was still miserable.
  • Called the doctor about Nathan and got a different antibiotic for him.  Waited a few more days as suggested for Nola.
  • Yesterday was the fourth day of high fever for Natalie, so I took her back down to convenient care where we had the sweetest, most friendly, provider (not sure if she was PA, MD, or NP) we've ever had there.  She was so great with Natalie and made her smile as she asked questions and was so understanding of my frustration with the "viral" diagnosis.  She tested her for strep, and it came back positive.  Thank goodness it's something we can treat and get rid of rather quickly!  
  • Today she's fever-free and feeling well enough to take the initiative to organize all of the clothes in her entire dresser even though she's having some not-so-pleasant side effects of her augmentin.
  • Nola and Nathan, on the other hand, seem to be a little worse again today.  Worse cough for Nathan and more fever for Nola.  I'm wondering if I should just stop the antibiotics they're on and wait a day or so to take them back for a strep test since it's so contagious that I'm pretty sure both of them have it.  
Ugh...I'm so tired.  Can't wait until everybody is feeling well again!!!!  I don't remember a time when sickness lasted this long with so many different symptoms and such crazy fevers.  And my poor Natalie...she's been so still and quiet for so many days, and that is TOTALLY unlike her.  Please pray for my little sickies, and pray for supernatural strength and endurance for me.

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