Thursday, April 5, 2012

That deserves a blog post

Nola has developed quite the little personality lately.

The act that precipitated this post was a visit from Nola as I was sitting in my chair a few minutes ago.  She walked over with a little block, put it in my lap, and took off with my phone.  A perfect trade.

She loves to say "whoa" and "wow" for everything.  "Nola, look at this book."  "Wowwww." 

No (nah) is also a new favorite.  "Nola, do you want your cup?"  "Nah."

She and Nathan have this insane sibling rivalry.  I don't know how children develop that at this young age.  They literally have fights over toys, me and Kevin, places to sit, space to look out the patio door or front door, food, and the list goes on.

Hi and bye are also becoming favorites.  Whenever she sees somebody getting shoes or a coat on, she says, "Buh buh bye!!"  Now, this does not necessarily mean she's giving you permission to leave without her.  Usually she gets upset if she doesn't get to come too.  She has started to engage other people in conversation at the store, restaurants, church, etc.  So exciting to see her come out of her shell.

Also, SHE'S WALKING!!!  She's really gotten it down over the past couple days, and she's even figured out how to turn around and bend down to get something.  Her favorite thing to do is get her snack cup from me at the gate to the kitchen and walk off with it like a big girl. 

This is such an exciting stage for us with Nola, and I'm happy to report that it has produced better sleeping habits as well. (YES!)

So amazing watching our precious little girl doing new things!

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