Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pictures by Natalie

From time to time, Natalie will ask to take pictures.  This usually occurs when she's done something amazing like sit still for 10 minutes and build a castle out of legos in her room.  So to reward this behavior, and because I'm often busy nursing Nola or cooking when she asks me to come see it, I'll let her borrow the camera and take a few pictures.  On this particular occasion, she decided to take lots of pictures.  Two things fascinate me by her pictures.  One, what life looks like from her perspective.  And two, what are the things that are important enough to her to take pictures of.

Castle on 12/5

House on 12/13

Me and Nathan in the kitchen

She told him to say cheese.  He wasn't quite awake enough for cheese.

Haha. But apparently Daddy was awake enough for cheese.

The Barney balloon.

Nola's baby doll

Wooden plaything

Backyard view...nice shot!

Kitchen table/pantry

Still not ready to cheese.

Kitchen table and its contents

Another pantry shot, although I think she may have been trying for Nola over there on the right.

There we go.

I'm sure these will only get more interesting as she gets older.

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