Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Snow day, hot chocolate, and pepperoni rolls

Yes, those all fit in the same post.  In fact, they all fit in the same hour in the same day.  Last Thursday we finally had enough snow to play in, and the kids begged me to let them out in it.  While I was hesitant based on the fact that I was sure Nathan would end up with a cold and subsequent bronchitis (which is what is currently brewing), I decided to take my chances.  I could probably use that excuse to keep my kids from doing all kinds of fun stuff, but then they wouldn't have as many awesome memories as I do.  So we dug out the pair of snow pants that fit Nathan and discovered that we needed to go buy some for Natalie.  After a quick trip to Wal-Mart, the kids were ready to go.

All ready to go!

Nathan wasn't quite sure what to do at first...

...but you can bet Natalie was quick to teach him!

It's snowing!

Lawn mower turned snow blower


Snow angels!  Missed Nathan's and couldn't get him to do it again!

Somebody else wants to play outside...


Sissy came for a visit.

And Bubby did too!

Awwww...maybe next year, baby girl.

I let them play while I went to put Nola down for a nap, and by the time I got back they were ready to come in.  I had promised them hot chocolate so after they got all their warm clothes off, they joined me in the kitchen to help make their peppermint hot chocolate.  Boy was that delicious!

Haha...Nathan's face.

Sipping, sipping

Mmmm-mmm good!

And a dribble down the chin!

They are such good pals.  Makes a mama proud.
 Then they asked for their favorite light lunch: pepperoni rolls with cream cheese, crackers, and fruit.  These two aren't big lunch eaters, so most days we just have something light so they don't go to nap on an empty tummy.

Not sure how awesome the flavor combo of hot chocolate and pepperoni is, but we'll go with it...

Cheese!!!  Literally.
And that was our fun Thursday last week!

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