Wednesday, December 28, 2011

It comes. And then it goes.

I really have no idea why I've felt so strangely about Christmas this year.  Apathetic would be a good way to describe my approach to it this year.  I think I might be in sort of a state of shock at how fast this year went by.  It's hard to believe that Nola is over 10 months old and closing fast on a year.  It seems like we just had Thanksgiving a week ago, and now Christmas is over and New Year's Eve is in 3 days.  I don't remember a year that went so by and held in it so many blessings. 

All that to say we had an enjoyable Christmas.  The kids had a blast with their presents.  Nobody was sick on Christmas.  We spent quality time with our wonderful family and friends.  The Christmas eve service at church was one of my most favorites ever.  There were many quiet nights of sitting and watching our beautiful tree twinkle in a darkened living room.  There were cookies in abundance.  There was Christmas music.  And there was a delicious Christmas dinner prepared by my talented parents.

Our twinkly tree after Santa visited

The children were nestled...

...all snug in their bed...

...while visions of sugarplums danced in their heads.

The three amigos on Christmas morning before the unwrapping craziness started

Nathan's favorite present...his front-end loader that makes NOISE

Natalie's necklace from Mommy

Nola is introduced to her baby doll

Unwrapping another truck..with a little assistance

Natalie's drumbeats toy

Nola's xylophone

Nathan and his race cars.  Big success!

Legos....another hit!

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