Tuesday, August 2, 2011

6 months old

Nola will be six months old in eight days.  Where did it go?  Today I saw a picture of her from the end of March, and it occurred to me that I can't even remember how she felt in my arms when she was that size.  So here are some of the awesome new things she's doing:

  • laughing...like big belly laughs
  • babbling - especially at 3:30 am
  • sticking out her tongue and making spitting noises
  • reaching for and sometimes eating my food - tonight she had a home made french fry
  • looking at cloth books
  • interacting more with Natalie and Nathan
  • SLEEPING....yes!  Not totally through the night yet, but definitely an improvement.
  • playing with her feet
  • rolling over
  • grabbing my boob with both hands when it's time to nurse
I love this stage in Nola.  She is such a delightful baby, and I'm sure the other two were too.  But it's one of those things with motherhood that you just don't fully realize the first or second time around.  It takes some time (or at least it did for me) to get past the learning how to cope with every new little thing before you can completely enjoy them.

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