Thursday, August 4, 2011


My little boy is 27 months and 13 days old, and he can carry on a full conversation.  He blows me away with everything he says.  He asks intelligent questions, describes objects by color, size and shape, and remembers events that happened a few weeks ago or more.  He is so amazing.

This morning he threw a fit because "I don't want that blue one bowl."  WHAT?!  Since when does he care about which bowl he gets for breakfast.  "Ok, Nathan, which bowl do you want?"  "I want the green one bowl, Mama."  Ok, buddy.  You got it.

This morning, he was playing in the living room and opened the cabinet on the tv stand to look for his box of toys.  Upon opening the cabinet, he realized the lid to the box was missing. 
"Where's the top, Mama?" 
"I don't know Nathan.  Where do you think it is?" 
"It's hiding in the wall, Mama." 
"Ok, Nathan.  Go look." 
He goes and looks behind the couch that was pulled out to get to the laundry. 
"It's not there, Mama!  Is it in kitchen, Mama?" 
"I don't know Nathan, go look!" 
He checks the kitchen. 
"Not there, Mama!  Is it bye bye bye? (by the door)" 
"Go check, Nathan." 
"Not in there, Mama!" 
"I think it's in your room, Nathan." 
"Go the back, Mama?" 
"Yes, Nathan.  Go check."
"There it is!!"

Later, he was sitting on the arm of the sofa reading a cloth ABC book that my mom made.
"Where are the flowers, Mama?"
"I don't know Nathan, where do you think they are?"
"There they are the woof-woof, Mama!"
"They're by the dog?"
"There's a sake (snake)!  I pet a the sake, Mama"  (True story)
"Where did you pet the snake, Nathan?"
"I no know!"
"At the zoo with Grandma and Grandpa?"

He is just incredible.  A true sponge.   

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