Friday, August 5, 2011

Natalie's morning routine

6:30...wake up
6:35...go to the bathroom to go potty, brush teeth, and make mischief
7:00...back to her room to play quietly
7:15...begin making sure Nathan is waking up
7:30...begin tapping on wall or door and singing some made up song about being hungry

and this continues until someone gets up to serve her breakfast.

This morning, however, we thought she was sleeping in because I hadn't heard her in the bathroom.  When we came out, we found that she had been up in the living room playing in my scrapbooking stuff.  And tonight we found out she was playing with my camera...haha and grrrr all at the same time.

Her distraction technique??

She comes into my room right away and shows me her teeth.  "See Mom!  I brushed my teeth!  They're bright and shiny like the sun.  And diamonds."

How do I respond to that??

After that, she had a really good day listening and behaving.  Sometimes I wonder if misbehaving is just an itch she can't help but scratch, and once it doesn't itch anymore she just stops scratching.  We've been working on listening and respecting others, so it's nice to see her start to do that more these past couple days.

At 4 years, 5 months, and 26 days here are the things Natalie loves (in no particular order):
    • her brother and sister
    • helping
    • macaroni and cheese
    • learning (YES!)
    • spelling her name
    • singing
    • anything sweet
    • the McDonald's playplace and cheeseburgers
    • playing in the water in the backyard
    • talking about future events (when, where, how much longer...)
    • ham and cheese sandwiches
    • riding in the gray car
    • "Rice Krispies with no milk but sugar"
    • Visits to Rural King with Papa-Daddy for popcorn
    • the "dinosaur park"
    • iCarly
    • riding her bike and scooter in the driveway
    • fish for supper
    • Subway...she asks for this almost every day
    • bedtime stories

    My beauties after bathtime....Natalie LOVES Nola!

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