Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Milestone city!

I actually wrote much of this on Monday, but didn't finish until today.

Today was a day full of new things.

Natalie and Nathan each got a new bed, and we moved them back into the same room.  I had very low expectations for sleeping - especially naptime.  But tonight they really did pretty well.  Nathan took until 9:40 to fall asleep, and Natalie fell asleep around 10 which isn't entirely unusual for her.  I'll be getting them up at the regular time tomorrow morning so that tomorrow's bedtime will go even better (hopefully!).

And tonight I noticed Nola has her first tooth!  I had thought for the past couple nights she had been a little extra needy, but she goes through phases like that so it didn't really strike me as odd.  And then today she started latching funny when she nursed, which also happens on occasion.  So I really didn't suspect anything when I let her chew on my fingers while the kids ran off some energy at the playplace at McDonald's.  Until...owwwwie!  OMG!!!  A tooth!  I'm so happy that she seems to be an easier teether than the other two were.  I just pray this continues...but not too quickly so that I have time to toughen up before she gets more teeth!

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