Friday, September 23, 2011

Curtis Orchard with Christian Life Preschool

On Monday, we went to Curtis Orchard with Natalie's preschool class.  I decided to go and take Nathan and Nola too so we would all have something to do that day.  It had rained the night before, so it was quite damp.  And sadly the huge rocking chair was drenched, so no photo ops there.  But the kids had lots of fun during the tour swatting flies listening to the lady talk about how bumblebees helped in the orchard by pollinating the apple trees. 

All the kids in the class

Listening to the lady talk about pollination

Then we got to see the apple cleaning machine and the cider press.  Not sure the kids really understood.  Wish they would have been able to run the cider press so they could really see how it worked, but that is probably a liability with so many small fingers that could be easily stuck into the press.

Love all the little eyeballs looking up at the cleaning machine and sorter

Next we got to go outside and sit at the picnic tables under the pavillion for the real reason for the visit - apple cider and apple donuts.  Seriously, if you've never been to Curtis Orchard, you need to get yourself there pronto.  So Nathan drank ALL his cider and most of Natalie's and ate a little bit of his donut (I got the rest! Score.)  Natalie ate ALL her donut and a little juice.  Yet another example of the way these two are polar opposites.  Nola even ate a few pieces of donut and grabbed for much more than I was comfortable sharing letting her have.

Nathan chugging his juice

Natalie inhaling her donut

Then the kids went to play on the playground and in all the little houses they have set up out there.  They visited the goats, stuck their heads in those animal faces things, and drove the truck.  Nola and I hung out with the other moms and the teachers and took pictures of all the fun.  We brought home some donuts and cider for Kevin, and he's hooked.  So I'm pretty sure it won't be long before we head out that way to pick some pumpkins and load up on more yummy apple-y goodness.

Nathan getting ready to "drive" the truck

Haha...Natalie told me she chose the pig because it's pink, not because it's her favorite animal.

Good thing stroller seats have tags.

How many kids can fit in a playhouse?  That's right, all of them.

Natalie asked me to take this picture of her posing.  Pretty.

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