Sunday, September 4, 2011

Top 10 Reasons Divorce Stinks

10.  Visitation is not a vacation from your child.  It's a tumultuous bi-weekly event that throws everybody off until 2 days before the next visit occurs.  So you only get two days of normalcy before chaos begins again.

9.  You divorce somebody so you don't have to deal them, but you really end up having to deal with them more than you think because things in your life (children especially) will trigger memories of the past.  Not to mention having to communicate about said children.

8. God did not intend it to be this way...and for darn good reason.  It's a mess.

7.  Arguments with an ex-spouse are worse than the ones with a spouse because there's never really a making up period and it's just downright awkward.

6.  It's really hard to explain to children why one gets to leave and the other has to stay with no one left to play with every other weekend.

5.  The custodial parent has no control over the rules/expectations/routine/diet at the non-custodial parent's house.

4.  Information is passed from the non-custodial parent to the custodial parent through the child.  HATE this.

3.  The personality traits shared between your child and your ex-spouse that irritate you become ever more apparent post-divorce.

2.  Children, even very young children, experience more stress than you think they do as a result of divorce.  Parenting these children is a very difficult task.

And the #1 reason why divorce stinks...

1.  The other parent talks negatively about the custodial parent and new spouse to the child while forcing encouraging the child to call their soon-to-be step-parent "Mom."

Moral of this story:  ask God to tell you that the person you choose to marry and have children with is the one He has chosen for you.  It is worth the relatively small amount of time that waiting for the right one will cost you in order to save yourself the heartache and stress that I, along with 50% of the married people in the United States, deal with on a daily basis.

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