Saturday, September 17, 2011


So for the past couple weeks or so, we've really had trouble keeping the kids out of the refrigerator.  Especially early in the morning.  They've gotten into the horrible habit of sneaking quietly down the hall around 6 in the morning and getting into stuff in the kitchen. 

Their favorite mess to make?  Eggs. 

Broken eggs.  Not just broken.  Broken in Natalie's bed.  All over the sheets and comforter.  Not just a couple eggs.  THE ENTIRE CARTON. 

I'd take a picture, but I don't want them to think I'm amused by this behavior. 

And this is the third time now.  We had a fridge lock, but the first one was broken due to people who were visiting pulling on the door because they didn't realize it was locked.  The second one failed as the kids were able to completely pull it off the fridge one day last week.  And the third one went on this morning and has had all day to properly adhere itself to the fridge.  So it had better work, or those folks who make those things will be getting a call from me.

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