Friday, September 9, 2011

First week of Head Start

Well this past week two of my babies started school.  Natalie and Nathan went off to Head Start without much fuss and fanfare.  Aside from some meltdowns in the evening due to lack of naps, it was a good first week for them.

Natalie enjoys riding the bus, and Nathan loves to "play friends."

Here are some pictures of the first couple days:

Trying to get a good picture...

Thanks, guys.  That's better.

Pretty girl's first day

Nathan's all ready for big boy school

Day 2, waiting for Natalie's bus

Scooting and waiting

Here it comes!!!

There she goes!!

Nathan exploring his classroom

He just went right in to tears!

Natalie by her cubby
 I'm so happy these two are in school!  And they are too!  Can't wait for Monday!!!

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