Friday, October 21, 2011

hilarious. plain and simple.

So, the back story...

Natalie likes to build towers with blocks in her room.  Fantastic, right?  Yes, most definitely.  The thing is that she likes to show me each and every one before she can knock it down and make a new one.  Normally this is no problem, but when I sit down to feed Nola I can't get back there to see it.  So of course, we run the risk of having a disastrous event if Nathan happens to get to the tower before I do.

That is, however, before I came up with a brilliant plan.  Let Natalie take my camera and take a picture of her towers if I'm nursing.  She loves this.  It allows her to show me what she does as well as be a big girl and get to use my camera.

Fast forward to the hilarious part.  This is what happens if you send a 4-year-old out with a camera that is not on the right setting.

And the final product...

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