Friday, October 28, 2011

it's been awhile...

Can't believe I've gone over a week without posting, so this will be one full of randoms.

I've been a little tied up around here lately because Nola has not been sleeping well and is nursing every five seconds (or so it seems).  All that adds up to a growth spurt in my book.  Tonight at her bedtime feeding, I think my body finally caught up with her because she was having trouble nursing well because it was flowing so fast.  We'll know for sure if all is well by the way she sleeps tonight.  Cross your fingers!

Had a crazy week around here too.  On Sunday night we thought Natalie and Nathan may have come down with Hand Foot and Mouth disease.  They both had a body rash, and Natalie was complaining of a sore throat and mouth.  And she developed a fever Monday morning, but that only lasted until that night.  Nathan never went beyond the rash, so maybe it was something else or maybe it was a mild case.   Either way, they were both home until Natalie had been fever-free for 24 hours.  They went to school on Wednesday, but on Thursday school was out due to parent-teacher conferences.  So we got a visit at home from all three of Natalie's teachers and both of Nathan's on Thursday morning.  We got very good reports on both of them.  Nathan is adjusting to life in the classroom and is developing friendships and learning the routine.  Natalie is advanced (surprise, surprise!), so her teachers are going to begin challenging her with learning to read some sight words as well as how to tie her shoes.

Natalie gets to go to ice skating lessons tomorrow morning, and then she'll be at her dad's for the weekend and Monday for trick-or-treating.  (side note: since when is Halloween such an important holiday that festivities HAVE to occur ON the 31st?)  Anyway, next week will be a busy week for her as well with her out-of-town grandparents and aunt coming for a visit. 

Nathan is blowing us away with his vocabulary.  A couple days ago, Kevin asked Nathan to come, and Nathan said, "I can't right now. I'm busy."  Today he surprised Kevin by grabbing a jug containing just a little juice and a cup off the counter and sitting down on the floor to pour the juice into the cup.  Such a smart, self-sufficient little boy.

We've been enjoying the entertainment that the World Series has provided.  Can I just say how insane Game 6 was?!  As I type this, they just got the final out and have won.  After last night's game, I'm glad that this one was far less dramatic.  Congratulations to all you Cardinals fans!  If it couldn't be the Cubs, at least it's you guys. 

Going to bed now, and looking forward to a very peaceful day tomorrow. 

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