Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Nola's latest antics

Almost immediately upon learning to crawl, she also learned to pull up.

She's so pretty.

And there's the stand.

She was talking to her reflection and banging toys on the window!

Nola is so fun these days.  She really enjoys being able to move around and get whatever she wants.  However, she is also discovering that basically anything she's not supposed to have is way more fun than the toys we try to give her all the time.  She has some words that she's starting to use to refer to people and needs.  And she'll repeat back to you in the correct number of syllables.  I'm reminded all the time how different boys are than girls because things that Nola is doing remind me so much of Natalie.  And then I think about when Nathan started getting his verbal skills in particular, and it was nowhere near the time when Natalie and Nola did.  So interesting!

After a brief sleeping hiatus due to an upper respiratory infection, I'm happy to report that we've gotten our good sleeper back.  Usually only 2 wakes at night and two good naps during the day.  Thank goodness.  I had gotten spoiled there for a few weeks and was missing my sleep!

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